Starfleet Pilot -- The Tanks Are Coming

Hello everyone,

this is yet another update from the series about enemies.

Ground support

Tanks are the second type of the enemy that were added in the game. They have significantly stronger armor than basic drones, and they are equipped with a heavy mortar that can pierce though ship's shields in seconds. Rewards for taking down a tank is much more hefty.


From the technical point of view, this enemy was particularly challenging, because it is driving on the ground, and its maneuvering abilities are much more limited than drone's:

  1. it has to rotate in the direction it wants to drive to, this slows its path following behavior down a bit, which makes it easier to overshoot path way-points, if the next point is at a very wide angle 
  2. it cannot move in the direction perpendicular to its velocity - this is the essence of the vehicle-like behavior; this prevents its from changing directions on the spot, which makes tanks slower and less agile than drones, and many times they simply cannot keep up with player's pace.

You can also see its full 3D model here:

What's next?

You can expect updates on more types of enemies that are planned (some of them are on the ground, some of them are flying), but in the meantime, I am working on a demo (maybe also a web version) for everyone to download and give feedback.

Stay tuned,

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