Starfleet Pilot - First entry

Hello everyone,

after many evenings of development after a day-to-day job, Starfleet Pilot is in a state I can finally share.

It is a 2.5D arcade-esque top-down shooter, in which you (the pilot) are stranded on a hostile planet, and the only was to escape home, is to push through hazards and enemies.

I wanted to make a mobile game, that you can play in a bus/tram while communing to work, and I was always keen to try interesting input schemes that do not obscure the screen (like in many games of this type). Here you move by turning the phone from side to side, and you shoot by pressing anywhere on the screen.  Space-shooter theme is something that I always wanted to play myself, so here it is ;-)

I will be sharing updates and work-in-progress features, so if you are interested in getting updates, follow along! Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Once it is done, game will be free (downloaded from here or from Google Play), but for now you can buy the soundtrack as a sign of support (currently only one track, but you will get all of them once they are available).

Thanks, and until next time!



Starfleet Pilot - Soundtrack 4 MB
Oct 11, 2018

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